customized service



At the foundation of our investment services is our commitment to research which we call "Inside Out & Top Down". This includes company and industry research (inside) that is informative in understanding larger investment trends (out). We also spend substantial time analyzing global economic and political developments (top) which impact specific investment decisions (down). Our approach is more involved than many investment firms, but we believe it is the best approach for our clients.


We offer investment management, investment consulting, as well as a combination of both services. The primary difference between management and consulting is clients requesting us to perform and implement investment decisions (management), or retain full control to make and implement their own investment decisions after receiving our analysis and recommendations (consulting). With both offerings, investors can receive consolidated reporting by strategy, asset class, or manager, including performance reporting by account. We work for our clients using customized approaches unique to each individual and their needs.


At Miller Capital we focus on serving private clients; individuals, families, private companies, non-profit organizations, and trustees (individual and corporate) of private trusts. We believe our focus on private clients leads to better service.  The diversity and quality of our clients is a clear strength of our firm. Clients benefit from the ideas, research, and strategies that come in from, and go out to, all our clients.

Our clients range from those requesting investment management and/or consulting over a few accounts to those requesting our services for dozens of accounts and outside managers. We are capable of serving virtually any client, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their investment needs.



If you would like to know more about our research-based, customizable investment services, please feel welcome to contact us for more information.